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When an employee is leaving UW Oshkosh

The supervisor of the employee must fill out the Personnel Transaction Form in BP Logix. The completion of this form and confirmation by HR will automatically contact IT with the employee's resignation/termination/retirement information. 

Employee accounts when leaving UW Oshkosh

Employee accounts will be disabled immediately upon the employee leaving UW Oshkosh.

What should the employee do before leaving the UW Oshkosh

  1. Transfer ownership of Google Drive and OneDrive files that will be needed by their department to their supervisor.

  2. Transfer any personal files to their personal account or storage device.

Supervisor Responsibility for Departing Employee

Please work with the departing employee to clear or forward any pertinent voicemail messages and forward the employee's VoIP extension to a central office number or other employee taking over the departing employee's responsibilities.

Transferring ownership of Google Drive files