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All Roku Models

This device will need to have completed initial set up or the box the device came in will have necessary information

For Rokus that have already completed initial set up:

  1. Plug in and connect your Roku to your television.

  2. Navigate to Settings.

  3. Click Network

  4. Go to About.

  5. On any other device with internet connection (e.g. phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) open a web browser and navigate to

    1. Sign into ClearPass Guest with your netID credentials (no after your username.

    2. Select Create Device.

      1. Under Device Name: type any name you woud like

      2. For MAC Address: Type in the number and letter combination titled Wireless MAC Address on your Roku.

      3. Select Personal.

      4. Click Create Device.

  6. On your Roku navigate to Set up Connection.

  7. Select Wireless, then click on Titan WiFi Guest

  8. If prompted select I'm at home

  9. The Roku should now be connected to Titan WiFi Guest.