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Example of a Playlist



  • Before a user can set up a Kaltura playlist, the following must be true:
    the user must have access to a Canvas course

  • the course instructor must add the Media Gallery to the course navigation (Settings > Navigation)

  • the videos must be added to the Media Gallery.

The UWSA DLE Kaltura implementation currently supports manually-created playlists, where the creator has selected each video. It does not currently support rules-based playlists, which automatically select videos based on a set of criteria (all of the videos tagged "kitten," for example).

Creating a Manual Playlist

  1. Go to course in Canvas

  2. Click Media Gallery in course navigation

  3. On top right of the Media Gallery screen, click the hamburger menu, then Edit

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  4. Click the Playlists tab

  5. On the far right of the Playlists page, click Create New, then Manual Playlist

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  6. Under Set Details, write a title, description, and tags for the playlist

  7. Click Add Media

  8. Click Add to move videos from Media Gallery list on left to your playlist on right.

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  9. Click Save

10) Back on the playlists page, click Embed