Duo MFA Enrollment

Duo is a Multi-Factor Authenticator (MFA) that adds a second layer of security to your NetID account. Verifying your identity using Duo (with your phone or other mobile devices) prevents unauthorized access to an account even if the password has been compromised/stolen. DUO enrollment is a required process to begin using DUO protected services. DUO enrollment can be performed via the DUO Device Management Portal(DMP linked below). Successful use of MFA is dependent on having the device on you. If you do not have access to the device and are unable to complete authentication when prompted, access will be denied.

Enroll your Phone or Tablet

It is recommend to do the enrollment setup using your computer.

  1. On your computer go to the DUO device management portal https://netid.uwosh.edu/duo

  2. Enter your NetID username and password. Do not put @uwosh.edu after your username.

  3. Click Start setup

  4. Select the specific type of device you would like to use.  We recommend using a Mobile phone for the best experience, but you can also enroll iOS or Android tablets.

  5. Click Continue

Phone Setup

  1. Enter your phone number

  2. Check the box to verify your entry

  3. Click Continue

  4. Choose your type of phone

  5. Click Continue

  6. Grab your mobile phone

  7. Go to your phone App Store. You can also follow the platform specific instructions on the screen if needed

  8. Search for the DUO mobile app

  9. Install the app

  10. After installing the DUO app, return to the enrollment window click "I have Duo Mobile installed"

  11. Open the Duo mobile app on your phone

  12. Follow the instructions on the screen to Scan the barcode.  Performing this step links the app to your NetID account so you can use it for authentication
    NOTE: If unable to scan barcode, Click "Email me an activation link instead". Check your email and follow the instructions to activate your Duo Mobile App

  13. Click Continue

  14. You should get a screen that says Enrollment Successful!

  15. Click Dismiss

  16. Click the drop down menu next to When I log in:

  17. Select Automatically send this device a Duo Push

  18. Click Save

  19. Your DUO setup is complete

    • Make sure to carry your device when you will need to log into UW Oshkosh systems

  20. When you log into a system that requires DUO authentication your phone will send you a push notification for approval.  The push is the easiest way to authenticate with DUO.  Here is a quick video demonstration of the DUO push https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JN0Hj0pKZ7U

    • If you do not see the push you can open the DUO app and you should see a green bar at the top that says Request Waiting.  Tap to Respond...

  21. Click Approve

    • If you have not initiated a login do not approve the push