Recovering Lost Files from Shared Network Storage In S:Drive

How Can I Recover My Own Files?

The file has been altered and I want a previous version:

Find the file, right click on it and choose Restore Previous Versions.

If there are any items in here, you can choose to restore to one of these versions.

The file I want has been deleted:

Navigate one level up from where the file you're missing was located.  If your file was in S:\Academic Computing\VPN, navigate to S:\Academic Computing.  Right click on the folder where the file was located and choose Restore Previous Versions.

Choose one of the previous dates from the list and select either Restore or Copy:

If you choose to restore the folder, you will be prompted with a message warning you that this action is permanent.  Restoring is not recommended as it could affect other files in the folder.

If you choose the Copy option, it will direct you to choose a place to save the files in that folder.  This is the recommended option.

If You Cannot Restore the File or Folder:

Contact the Information Technology Help Desk with the following information:

  • The exact file path and name of the file you need restored.

  • The manager of that folder's approval.

  • The date you need the file restored to.

There are limitations to how far back data can be recovered. Typically, 30 days is the maximum amount of time for which we can recover files.