Install and Use Printers - Headstart

To add a printer to your Windows Computer: 

  1. Open the Start Menu and click on Settings

  2. Search for Printers & Scanners

  3. Select Add a printer or scanner.

  4. Click Work or school printer and scanner or Search for Devices

  5. Select the desired printer and then Add Device

Once the printer is added, it will show up in the list of Printers and Scanners. 

To print after installing the new printers

  1. Choose the number of copies you want.

  2. Look under Settings to choose other print options such as printing only certain pages, changing the page orientation, or printing two-sided, color or black and white.

    • Note: To print only certain pages in Word click Print All Pages. From there you can choose to print only the current page, or you can choose  Custom Print and specify pages to print such as "1-3" or "3-6, 10, 14".

  3. When you are ready, click Print.