Updating Mobile Phone - Duo

All mobile devices must meet Duo minimum requirement standards. Duo Android; Duo iOS

If a new mobile device is purchased and maintains the same phone number associated with the Duo account, follow the instructions below. If the new mobile device is utilizing a different phone number, please contact the Help Desk who will initiate a video chat and provide a bypass code. 

Navigate to the Duo Management Portal: https://netid.uwosh.edu/duo/ , login, and select "Enter a Passcode" as illustrated below: 

Once selected, choose the "Text me new codes" option at the bottom of the frame: 

A text message will then be sent to the device, text and data rates may apply. To verify the text has been sent the following message will appear at the bottom of the frame: 

Enter the code in the text box and then click "Log In". From there, you can either go to "Device Options" and "Reactivate Duo Mobile", or devices can be managed by adding a new device and deleting old devices. Be advised, devices cannot be deleted until there is at least another device option available. For instructions on how to add a device follow the instructions here: Duo - MFA Enrollment