Install and Connect VPN- Mobile Device


Install the GlobalProtect app once on each device you wish to access from. 

  1. Open your mobile device App Store or Play Store

  2. Search for "GlobalProtect" by Palo Alto Networks. The icon looks like the following:

  3. Install the GlobalProtect app. You may need to grant permissions depending on your device settings.

  4. Exit back to the device home screen.


After installation is complete and you can proceed to connect.


Once installed, connect the VPN to establish a secure connection to campus.

  1. Locate and touch the GlobalProtect icon on your device home screen

  2. When prompted for a portal address, enter and touch Connect

  3. Enter your NetID username and password

  4. Once a connection is established, you can return to the device's home screen and use Internet applications with VPN access.

  5. When your session is complete, re-launch the GlobalProtect app and choose Disconnect