Censor or Blur Parts of a Video in iMovie

iMovie Directions

  1. Open iMove and import your video

  2. Import your black square

  3. Drag your movie into the timeline

  4. Drag your square in the row above your video

  5. Choose the square (double click it) and change its properties to be "picture in a picture".

  6. Resize the black square (in the properties area) using the blue balls in the corners and overlap the area your wanting to censor

  7. Change the duration of that black square to how ever long you need to have it on screen

As your subject moves around you may need to copy and paste and reposition the black square to keep up with the movement. Don't try animating the black square (you don't need it to be pretty). My suggestion is to make the black square big enough that it covers as much as possible given the timeline. That way you don't need to copy and paste as often.