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You can change your password one of two ways:

From the



  1. Use the following link to get to the NetID Password Change Page, which will open a page that looks similar to what is below.

  2. Enter your NetID username do not include the (I don't know my NetID username, see NetID - What is my User Name?)

  3. Enter your 7-digit ID number

  4. Enter your New Password (make sure it says Acceptable password to the right of the box)

  5. Enter your New Password Again (make sure it says Passwords match to the right of the box)

  6. Click the Change Password button

  7. You should see a screen that your NetID has been changed successfully

    • If you click the Change Password button and you get an error message in a red box like the one below, then either the NetID username or the 7-digit ID number is incorrect.

Follow the First Time Activation instructions.

From the Login Screen on a campus computer

  1. Select CTRSelect CTRL+ALT+Delete on your keyboard

  2. Enter your NetID username do not include the

  3. Enter your 7-digit ID number as the current password

  4. Click the arrow to the right

  5. A message will come up that says you must change your password

  6. Click the arrow or press the enter key.

  7. A new window will open that gives you a box 3rd box to enter your new password (remember your current password is your 7 digit campus ID number)

  8. Remember to verify that you're meeting all the requirements on the right

  9. Re-enter the new password again

  10. Click the arrow or press the enter key. It should say changing password and then log you into the computer


If you have previously logged into your NetID and have forgotten your password, use this link to recover it.  (This Self Service password reset can be accessed from any NetID login page)