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  1. Go to

  2. In the User ID box input your full email address including the

  3. In the next box type in the characters provided to you.

  4. Click Next. A window will show with the options that you setup for self service reset.

    1. If you receive a message that you have not set up self password reset, you will need to call our Help Desk at 920-424-3020. After you reset your password, set up SSPR to use this feature in the future.

  5. Choose the option you would like to use to reset your password, and fill in the information you have selected.

  6. Verify the information

    1. Phone call - will call the number you list (follow the prompt)

    2. Text - will text the number you listed (enter the verification code)

    3. Security Questions - will ask you to answer your chosen questions

  7. Once verified, the change password screen will show for you to enter your new password


      • Passwords must be at least 14 charters long

      • You must use 3 of the following:

        • Upper Case Letter

        • Lower Case Letter

        • Number

        • Special Character

      • You cannot reuse a previous password

      • You cannot use your first or last name

      • You cannot use your ID number or username

  8. Confirm the new password and click finish.

  9. If you receive an error make sure you are following all of the Password Requirements shown above.