Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) Registration

We encourage you to setup at least one of these options so that you don't lose access to your account. By setting up one of these options you are able to reset your own password if it is forgotten.

How to Setup Self Service NetID Password Reset

When you log into any of the Microsoft Office tools or logging into you will be prompted to enter more information as shown below.

  1. Click the Next button

  2. We highly encourage you to setup NetID self service reset but if you choose not to you can click looks good or cancel (if you click cancel you will be re-prompted with this message on your next login) no additional steps are needed.

Continue setting up Self Service NetID Password Reset

  1. Fill in the password recovery option(s) you would like to have available for self service password reset

    • Only one of these options is needed, but you can use multiple if you would like

      • If you choose multiple options you will have a choice of which one you would like to use at the time of the self service reset

  2. When you have completed the steps for an option there will be a green check mark next to that option to indicate it is complete.

Recover Account Options:

Enter a phone number to call or text and it will prompt you with a text code or a phone call.

  1. Next to Authentication Phone click set it up now

  2. Enter your country and your phone number

  3. Choose text me or call me

  4. You will receive a call or text to verify your entry

    1. Follow the prompt if you receive the phone call

    2. Enter the verification code if you chose to receive a text, and click verify

Enter an email address other than your email.

  1. Next to Authentication Email click set it up now

  2. Enter an email address other than your email

  3. Click email me

  4. Check that email for your verification code

  5. Enter your verification code

  6. Click verify

Security Questions (choose 5 questions and provide answers to each of them)

Choose 5 questions and provide answers to each of them.

  1. Click the drop down box next to each question

  2. Choose the question you would like for each

  3. Provide the answer in the box below each question

  4. Click save answers

Update / Change your Recovery Options

  1. In your browser go to

  2. If it prompts you to re-enter your password enter your NetID password

  3. Click Change next to the option you would like to update

  4. Make the change you would like

Using Self Service Password Reset

If you have forgotten your password and setup the options above you will be able to reset your NetID password on your own.

  1. Go to

  2. Under the Sign in button, click on link that says here to reset your password

  3. In the User ID box fill in your full email address including the

  4. In the box below type in the characters provided to you

  5. Click Next

  6. A window will show with the options that you setup for self service reset

  7. Choose the option you would like to use to reset your password

  8. Fill in the information for the option you have chosen

  9. Verify the option you have chosen

    1. Phone call - It will call the number you list (follow the prompt)

    2. Text - It will text the number you listed (enter the verification code)

    3. Security Questions - It will ask you to answer your chosen questions

  10. Once you have verified your chosen option the change password screen will show for you

  11. Enter your new password


      • Upper Case Letter

      • Lower Case Letter

      • Number

      • Special Character

      • Passwords must be at least 14 charters long

      • You must use 3 of the following:

      • You cannot reuse a previous password

      • You cannot use your first or last name

      • You cannot use your ID number or username

  12. Confirm the new password

  13. Click finish

  14. If you receive an error make sure you are following all of the Password Requirements shown above