Facilities - Central Stores Supply Ordering

  1. Navigate to http://www.uwosh.edu/facilities

  2. Click on Work Order Request in the middle of the page.


  3. Go to the heading that says Material Request on the left side of the page > click on Catalog Search to search for the items you need.

  4. Use one of the three following ways to search for the item you need.

    1. Part Type

    2. Part Code or SKU

    3. Description

  5. Then click the double arrows to search

  6. You will see a screen with all items listed under the search you performed.


  7. Click on the Part Code next to the item you want.

  8. Select the item by clicking on the SKU Code next to the item.

  9. The item details will show.

  10. Enter the desired Order Quantity of the item

  11. Click Add to Cart.


  12. You can now:

    • View Your Cart – Look at all items that have been placed in your cart for purchase.

    • Search for Part – Search and add more items to purchase.

    • Checkout – Finish your order.



  13. In the Username box enter uwoad\your username (make sure you use the backslash and not the forward slash), i.e. uwoad\training

  14. Enter your TMAsystem password

  15. Click Sign in


  16. Select your Facility.

  17. Select your building.

  18. Enter your Name, Phone, E-mail, Account #, and Comments.
    Please note:  Your account # is not the postal code number, it is your actual 10 digit account number

  19. Click Submit