Adding a Microsoft Teams Meeting to Canvas Course

  • Add a new module to your Canvas Course, by clicking on the + Module icon, and name the module 

  • Click on the + icon to the right of the Module name

  • Click on the drop down arrow to the right of "Add" and select Page, Click on the "Create Page Text", Create a Page name, and click the "Add Item" icon

  • Click on the newly create Page name in the module,  click the "Edit" icon for the page

  • Above the text box click on the drop down arrow to the right of the Apps icon (image of a plug), and select Microsoft Teams Meeting, if Teams is not listed click on View All and click on Microsoft Teams Meeting

  • Click the Sign in icon

  • Click the Create Meeting link icon

  • Add a title, start, and end date for the meeting, and click Create. This meeting can be for the entire semester or a specific date 

  • After the session is created click copy to add it to the Page, and click save


Attention Mac Users: In your System Preferences you need to tell your Mac that "Teams" is allowed to share your screen. If you do not do this step you will not be able to share your screen with your students. Please also follow these directions to tell your Mac that Teams is allowed to share its screen.