Cisco Umbrella (Part of Cisco Secure Client)

Cisco Umbrella is used across the entire campus to block access to malicious sites. Cisco Umbrella roaming client is software used on the Windows and Apple platform to extend web-filtering protection of Cisco Umbrella to mobile clients as they are used off-campus.

How Cisco Umbrella Protects Campus Users


Note about Cisco Umbrella on macOS 12 "Monterey" and earlier:

Users on a Mac running a macOS older than macOS 13 may see an icon for Cisco Secure Client in their Docks. Cisco Secure Client is the app by which Cisco Umbrella is enabled.

If you click on the icon, you should get a window like the one below saying that Umbrella is active.




Lastly, quitting the Cisco Secure Client apps will not disable Umbrella protection.

Upon upgrading (if applicable) to macOS 13+, Cisco Secure Client will no longer auto-launch in that manner at login. The mechanism by which Cisco accomplishes auto-enabling Umbrella changes with macOS 13 and newer.