Install and Connect VPN- Campus-Owned Mac


Install the GlobalProtect agent once on each computer you wish to access from. If installing on a personal computer, follow the instructions here instead: VPN - Install and Connect Non-Campus Mac

  1. Open Managed Software Center within the Applications folder

  2. Locate “Palo Alto GlobalProtect” on the initial screen that is shown, or search “palo alto” in the Search field in the upper left of the MSC window.

  3. From the list of available software, click Install under Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN.


Once installed, connect the VPN to establish a secure connection to campus.

  1. Click the GlobalProtect icon at the top of the screen. The GlobalProtect icon looks like a small globe.

  2. In the connection window, enter

  3. Click Connect to begin the connection process. When prompted, enter your NetID username (including the and password. Note: Upon clicking Connect with your username and password entered, you will be prompted for additional multi-factor authentication (MFA). Failure to provide MFA will result in connection errors.


  4. You are now connected to campus and can access protected resources. Once completed with your work, click the GlobalProtect icon  and click Disconnect.