Student Employee Accounts

Student Employee Accounts

To meet security requirements, student employees must use a unique/individual NetID and email address separate from their academic accounts so that we can manage their work identity without impacting their academic progress.

What Accounts will be Created

The student employee will be given a student employee NetID (the user name will be "staff." + their current student NetID e.g., staff.smithj44)

Student Employee Email Accounts

Students should only use the employee email account for work purposes (email or access to Google drive)


Student accounts are limited to logging in on computer lab computers only. The old generic job accounts were restricted to specific computers. Student employee accounts do not have these restrictions because the use of the account is covered under employee policy and the account activity is tied to a single user. 

Just as an employee who works in two different areas of campus has access to computers and resources of both areas, student employees working in two different areas will have access to both sets of resources.

How are Student Employee Accounts Created

  1. Student Employee accounts will be automatically created in weekday overnight processes once all of the necessary information is entered in the Human Resources System (HRS).  Accounts cannot be generated for student employees who are not in HRS.

  2. The student will receive an email to their regular student email address with their login credentials once the account is created. HR will CC the supervisor on the "Welcome to UW-Oshkosh Student Employment" email for the student employee.

Non-Paid Student Employees

If the student employee is a non-paid intern you will need to fill out the Person of Interest (POI) form and submit to Human Resources

Access to Other Resources

If the student will need access to other resources (i.e. S drive folders), fill out the Access Request Form in our IT Service Portal.

NOTE: Graduate Assistants hired through the Graduate School are already considered employees, so they will not need a student employee account. However, if you are hiring a graduate student on your own, they will need a student employee account.

When will the Student Employee Account Deactivate

When student employee status ends in the HRS system the account will automatically be deactivated unless the student is working elsewhere on campus.  If the student has access to other resources please contact the Help Desk to request access to those resources be removed.