Student Accounts After Graduation

What Happens to my student Email Account After Graduation? 

After a student graduates, his/her student email account will remain active for a period of time.

Account Deactivation Notice

At the beginning of the semester following a student's graduation, the student will receive an email notification regarding the deactivation of their account. The student is advised at this point to retain any content at this time before the account is disabled.

Other Email Options for Graduates

Students who would like to keep a UW Oshkosh email account may create an alumni e-mail account at any point in time after graduation.

Important Note: This is a separate email account from your former account which will be deactivated. This account will be a Google account which includes Google Drive.

How to Create an Alumni Email Account

  1. Open a Web Browser

  2. Go to

  3. Click Request a New Account

    1. This is a Google account

    2. The username will end with

  4. Type in your NetID username and password 

    • If you do not have an active NetID you will need to contact the Alumni Office at 920-424-3449 to request an Alumni email 

  5. Click Continue

  6. Follow the steps provided

If you are unable to log in with your NetID username and password, contact the Help Desk. They will provide assistance and make sure you are able to get your account set up.

What Happens to my NetID Account After Graduation?

After a student graduates the NetID account will be deactivated.

Deactivations for NetIDs

Accounts are deactivated no sooner than 6 weeks after graduation. Spring graduates happen no sooner than 6 weeks after interim. A 6-month extension can be requested once the deactivation notice is sent.

What Happens to my Titan Web Account After Graduation?

Titan Web accounts remain active even after a student graduates. This allows students to access unofficial transcripts, request official transcripts, and other information at any time after they have graduated from UW Oshkosh.