Deactivation and Retirement - Accounts

What happens to my accounts after I retire or resign?

  • Immediately after the official retirement/resignation date all employee accounts will be disabled

  • This includes all UW Oshkosh NetID associated access (email, TitanWeb, Canvas, Polk Library services)

What should I do before my accounts are disabled?

  • Change ownership of Google Drive and/or OneDrive files to applicable remaining employees

What if I want to keep my email account? 

Only employees with emeritus status approved by the Chancellor will be able to retain their accounts. The process for requesting emeritus status can be found in the Policy Directory

Emeritus Accounts

Emeritus status retirees will be contacted annually to verify the account is still in use and needed. If an account remains unused for an extended period of time, the account will be disabled.

If you decide after some time that you no longer wish to keep your account, you may contact the Help Desk and let them know you would like the account deactivated.