Microsoft OneDrive Storage Limits

Each account receives 5 TB of free storage with Microsoft OneDrive. You can access Microsoft OneDrive by navigating to

What counts towards your 5TB GB storage limit?

  • Files that you upload to Microsoft OneDrive

  • Files that you own and/or create in Word, Excel, Presentations and Forms

How can I check my Microsoft OneDrive Storage usage?

  • You can check your storage usage at any time by going to the Microsoft OneDrive page.

  • In the lower right corner you will see your Storage

How will I know when I am approaching the storage limit?

  • Users will receive an email notification reminding them to manage their storage usage.

What happens when my Microsoft OneDrive is at 100% capacity?

  • You won’t be able to upload, edit, or sync new files (such as Camera Roll) to your OneDrive. Your existing files will remain but will be read-only.

  • When deleting files to clear up space, you must permantely delete these items in the Recycling Bin to free up space.