Outlook - Accessing Outlook Web Application

Login to Outlook online

  1. Go to portal.office.com

  2. Enter your full email address (including @uwosh.edu for the user name), and click NextThis will take you to the NetID login page, with your email address already filled in for your username

  3. Enter your NetID password (the same password used for campus computer login, Canvas, etc.)

  4. Click Sign In

When logging into Outlook for the first time, students will be prompted to set-up Microsoft MFA as well as Self-Service Password Reset. Microsoft MFA is required for all students of the University. More information can be found here: Microsoft MFA - Enrolling in Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication.  Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) will allow you to reset your password without having to contact IT and is strongly encouraged. SSPR will prompt for faculty, staff, and students. 

Using the Outlook Application

The Outlook app is the only supported mail application for UW Oshkosh mail on mobile devices. Please use the Outlook app if you intend on accessing your email on your mobile device. 

Campus computers have the Outlook application installed. 

For personal computers, login to Outlook online as outlined above, click your name in the upper right, choose My account, and you'll see options for installing Microsoft Office.