Wireless - Connect Gaming Device (Switch, PS, Xbox) to Campus Internet

This guide is based on a Nintendo Switch configuration but should work for other gaming devices such as Playstation and Xbox.

Connect Your Switch Via Ethernet Cable

This is the recommended method as all Nintendo Switch functionality will be available via ethernet connection. 

  1. You will need to purchase and connect the LAN Adapter.

  2. Plug into Switch. 

  3. Plug into ethernet cable that is connected to the data jack in the wall. 


Connecting Nintendo Switch (Playstation/Xbox) to Titan WiFi IoT – UWO Students with NetID

1.) Get the MAC address of your Nintendo Switch –

a. “System Settings” (Gear Icon on Nintendo Switch Main Page), Select “Internet”, Under the Not Connected status you should see your System MAC Address. This is what will be used for the mac-address portion of the “Create Device” form/registration.

2.) Create the device using the MAC address from the Nintendo Switch internet settings.

a. Here is my switch – Use System MAC Address for device MAC address.


3.) Once you have the “System MAC address” you can create the Device. Log into https://cp.it.uwosh.edu/guest/ using your UW-Oshkosh NetID. Currently only 3 devices can be connected per student account on Titan WiFi IoT. (NetID - don’t use @uwosh.edu just NetID username)

a. Once logged in fill in the data necessary to create the device has seen in the screenshot and select “Create Device”

Account Roles

  • Game-Device – Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation, etc.

4.) After clicking “Create Device” you should be given a receipt that contains a pre shared key to use for the password to connect to “Titan WiFi IoT” as seen in this screenshot. The Password is in the section “WiFi Password”.


5.) Now they’re ready to connect their device to Titan WiFi IoT with their unique WiFi password.

a. Select Titan WiFi IoT network on Switch


b. Enter the unique pre shared key password provided on the Create Device Receipt and click “OK” or click “+” button.


c. The connection should be successful.


d. After a successful connection you should see your connection details and that you’re on Titan WiFi IoT wireless network.

Connect Your Switch Via Titan WiFi Guest

This is not recommended as online gaming will not work via Titan WiFi Guest. 

  1. Navigate to System Settings from the Home Menu.

  2. Select Internet and Internet Settings.

  3. Scroll down the network list and select Titan WiFi Guest.

  4. The connection will fail and state that registration is required.

  5. Click Next and continue.

  6. Enter your NetID username and password or an email address to gain access to Titan WiFi Guest.

  7. The Switch will reconnect to the network, stating Successfully Connected.