Wireless - Connect Unmanaged Chromebook to Titan WiFi Guest

Connecting a Unmanaged Chromebook to Titan WiFi Guest

1.)    When you first search for wireless networks on your unmanaged chromebook you should see Titan WiFi Guest available.


2.)    When you select “Titan WiFi Guest” wireless network you should be automatically redirected to the captive portal login in screen. If you’re not redirected you can click the Sign in to network.


2a.) Then you will most likely be prompted again and here just click the Sign In button

3.)    Once you get to the Captive Portal Guest Login page all you have to do is enter your Name, Email, click the “I accept" button and then click the “Register” button.

4.)    You will then be provided with a device receipt showing the details of you guest account. Here just click on the “Log In” button to continue.

5.)    You should now be connected to Titan WiFi Guest and be able to see that connection and browse as a guest on your chromebook or proceed with device enrollment.