Wireless - Connect non-UWO iPad to Titan WiFi

How to Connect non-UWO iPad to Titan WiFi

1.)    Got to the Gear/Settings Icon on your iPad.

2.)    Then select the Wi-Fi section

3.)    Once at the Wi-Fi section, you should be able to see Titan WiFi as a wireless network to join. Select Titan WiFi



4.)    This should take you to the next screen where you can select “Join This Network” under the Titan WiFi wireless SSID



5.)    After selecting “Join This Network” you will have to enter you NetID credentials of your faculty/student account that’s provided to you by UWO.


6.)    If this is a forgotten wireless network or the first time connecting to Titan WiFi with this device you will get prompted to access the uwosh certificate which is just Trust at First Sight to ensure you’re connecting to the proper network. Please accept the cert if it looks similar to the cert in the next screenshot.




7.)    After Trusting the certificate you should be able to connect to Titan WiFi and get an IP address as seen below.



8.)    If you’re still having issues try to forget Titan WiFi connection and go back through steps 1-7 in this document.



9.)    If you go back through the document after forgetting the network and are still having issues please Open a Jira/Help Desk Ticket and send the Wi-Fi Address as seen in step 8 which is you’re private mac address of your iPad so we can take a look at the Wireless Controller/Authentication to ensure nothing is going on with your request.