Mailing List General Information

Mailing lists at UW Oshkosh are controlled by mailing list management software called GNU Mailman. This software allows list owners to control settings and manage user subscriptions for their list. Users may also interact with Mailman to subscribe and unsubscribe from mailing lists. All interaction can be done through the web-based interface provided by the Mailman software.

Requesting a Mailing List

Faculty, staff, and student organizations (faculty/staff advisor) may request a mailing list by e-mailing the help desk at or call (920)424-3020. 

  1. Please provide the following information for a new list creation

  • The preferred name of your list

  • Who will be maintaining the list

  • The list name will be part of its email address, it may not contain punctuation or spaces.

  • When the request has been processed you will receive confirmation that the list was created, the URL for configuration and the initial password to log in with.

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