Administration - Mailing Lists

Requesting a list

UWO faculty, staff, and student organizations can request a mailing list by contacting the help desk ( or (920) 424-3020).
When the request has been processed, you will receive confirmation that the list was created, the URL for configuration, and the initial password to log in with.

Administrative login

All configuration for mailing lists is done through an interactive web form. 

To access yours:

  1. Visit the admin index of mailing lists (for unadvertised lists, go to the index and add a / (slash) followed by the list name to the URL)

  2. Input your list password to enter the administration mode

Suggested configuration

The first thing you need to do with a new list is change the password. 

  1. Click Passwords in the menu at the top of the page 

  2. Enter a new administrative password

  3. Click Submit Your Changes 

  4. If this list is moderated, you may also set a separate password for list moderators if you don't want to allow administrator access

Most other options are fairly well described on the page. Initially you will probably want to make sure the "terse phrase identifying this list" accurately describes your list. You may also wish to include a longer description in the "introductory description" field.

Subscribing users

  1. Click Membership Management at the top of the page, 

  2. Click the Mass Subscribe link

  3. Enter email address, one per line, in the first large box 


  1. Upload a plain text .txt file containing email addresses, with one per line

  2. Click Submit button.

You must subscribe yourself if you wish to receive posts others send to the list. If the send welcome message option is selected, each user will receive a message containing the URL for the list home page, a randomly-generated password, and any text you have added to the welcome message. Additionally, you may wish to turn off subscribe/unsubscribe notifications if they are enabled (off by default). 

Unsubscribing users

  1. Click Membership Management

  2. Click Membership List

  3. Click the unsub box next to each email address you want to unsubscribe 

  4. Click the button at the bottom of the page to unsubscribe those users

Similar to the process for mass subscription, there is a Mass Removal option to unsubscribe users in bulk by entering the addresses to remove.