Email Moderation of Restricted Mailing List

Moderated mailing list description

If a mailing list is moderated, any posts to the list will be held for approval before they are sent to the list subscribers. The list administrator(s) will decide whether or not to allow each message to be posted to the list. Other factors may also trigger a post to be held, such as if the message is too long. The following shows the steps required for a message posted to a moderated list to make it to the subscribers:

Email Moderation Request

  1. An email notification will be sent to the email moderator for approval.

  2. There are two type of request that will come through for approval, New Request or Request Waiting:

New Request

  • Here is an example of what the new email moderation request looks like in TitanApps (please note the Subject):

Request Waiting

You may also see the following email conversation for an email list moderation request.  This conversation is common for after hours or weekend requests and usually appears at the start of the day:

  • Here is an example of what the request waiting email moderation request looks like in TitanApps (please note the Subject):

Emails with Attachments

  • Emails with attachments are not permitted and should be Discarded.  Unfortunately, Outlook doesn't indicate if the email you are moderating contains an attachment.  There is a way to send the email to just yourself (see Line # 7 of STEP 1 in the Review the Email for Moderation area below).  But this can be time consuming.

Alternative to Email Attachments

There are two alternatives to adding an attachment:

  • Add a link to a webpage that contains the desired information.

  • Add the link provided when you make a file shareable in One Drive or Google Drive.

Review the Email for Moderation

STEP 1: Navigate to the Email Moderation Screen

  1. Open the email notification for moderation approval.

  2. This email will include the URL to the list's pending request page.

  3. For new request click on the link shown under ‘At your convenience, visit:’.  For request waiting click on the link under 'waiting for your consideration at':

    New Request Email Link
    Request Waiting Email Link


  4. Enter your password if prompted.

  5. Navigate to the Held Messages area.

  6. Click on the number just to the left of ‘Subject’ (there may be more than one, always approve in chronological order, which is indicated by the Received heading).

  7. Review the content of the message.

    • Optional Review:  Depending on the way it was sent, it may be in a format which is not easily readable in the preview.

      1. In this case, leave the selected action at "defer"

      2. Click the check box in front of "Additionally, forward this message to:" and enter your email address in the text entry box to the right. 

      3. Click "Submit all data", that message will be sent only to your address for you to review, and it is still held in the list manager software for your later approval.


STEP 2: Take Action on the Message

  1. Select the appropriate radio button in the ‘Posting Held for Approval’ area.
    •    Defer – Nothing will happen and the request will still be pending moderation.
    •    Approve – The email will be sent to the email list.
    •    Discard – The email will not be sent and will no longer be pending moderation. (Please contact the sender before discarding)

  2. Click on the Submit All Data button.

  3. Continue moderation until you see the following message which indicates there are no emails left to moderate.