Creating and Accessing Templates - Outlook

By default, the My Templates add-in is turned on. 

Creating an Outlook Template for an Individual Account

  1. Log in to

  2. Click on + New Message in the upper left hand corner to compose a new email message

  3. Select the three dots located at the bottom of the message to the right of send and discard

  4. Select My Templates (has image of document with a lightening bolt)

  5. This will open My Templates, some pre-populated templates are already included, a new template can be created by selecting + Template

    • If pre-existing templates exit in a different mail platform, they can be copy and pasted

    • Hyperlinks should remain in copy and pasted text

  6. Click Save when completed

Inserting an Outlook Template for an Individual Account

  1. Follow most of the steps above until step 5

  2. Select the desired Template, it will populate the body of the email