Install and Connect VPN on Non-Campus Windows Device

GlobalProtect can be installed to provide VPN access to protected campus services while away from campus. You must request access to use the VPN, see [Link for document 71039 is unavailable at this time] for details. Follow this procedure to install and connect the GlobalProtect agent software.


Install the GlobalProtect agent once on each computer you wish to access from. If installing on a campus-owned computer, follow the instructions here instead: VPN - Install and Connect Campus-Owned Windows Device

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your NetID username and password to log in.

    UW Oshkosh OnDemand Portal
  3. Select the appropriate download for your computer. In most cases, this will be Windows 64 bit GlobalProtect agent. Older computers may need the 32 bit version, however try the 64 bit first.

  4. If prompted by your web browser, choose to save the file.

  5. After the download has completed, click the file to run it (Chrome and Firefox browser) or click the "Run" button (Internet Explorer browser).

  6. The installer will launch. Select Next > To proceed.



  7. Accept the default location and click Next >


  8. Click Next > once more to begin installation.


  9. You may be prompted to allow the program to install. If so, click on Yes. Depending on your computer security settings, you may also need to enter your computer password to allow the installation to complete.

  10. Choose Close to complete the installation


The installation is now complete and you can proceed to connect.


Once installed, you connect the VPN to establish a secure connection to campus.

  1. From the windows icon tray in the lower right corner, click the GlobalProtect icon which looks like a small globe. It may be hidden by default, if so click on the arrow  to show hidden icons.

  2. In the Welcome window, click Get Started.

  3. In the connection window, enter



  4. Click Connect to begin the connection process. When prompted, enter your NetID username and password.



  5. You are now connected to campus and can access protected resources. Once completed with your work, click the GlobalProtect icon and click Disconnect.