First Time Activation (NetID)

Your NetID is your UW Oshkosh identity and it provides access to the following campus resources: 

Not sure of your NetID? Check out this article:

Setting up your password for the first time

Before you can use your NetID, the account must be activated. This can be accomplished by logging in to a UW Oshkosh computer or navigating to and attempting to sign in there.

  1. Go to on your personal device.

  2. Type in your university email address,, and click Next or press the Enter key.

  3. Type in your 7-digit campus ID number in the Password field. Click Next or press the Enter key.

  4. You will then be prompted to set up multi-factor authentication.

  5. After setting up MFA, you will be taken to a screen where you can change your password.

    1. Reenter your 7-digit campus ID number in the current password field.

    2. Type in a new password that meets the following requirements:

      1. At least 14 characters

      2. At least 3 of the 4 following types:

        • Uppercase

        • Lowercase

        • Number

        • Special Character

      3. Cannot contain the username

      4. Cannot be the same as your old password.

    3. Repeat the password you just typed in.


If this process is not working, please call the IT Help Desk at (920)424-3020.