Allow Screen Recording and Sharing on a Mac

To enable screen sharing on a Mac you need to adjust your Security and Privacy settings. 

  1. Open System Preferences. (System Settings on macOS releases 13 and later)

macOS 11, 12
macOS 13 and beyond
  1. Select "System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy" on macOS 11 or macOS 12
    or Select “System Settings > Privacy & Security” on macOS releases 13 and later


  • Select "Screen Recording"

  • Select the checkbox next to the applications that you want to have access to record and share your screen. In most cases you'll choose "Chrome, FireFox, KalturaCapture, Teams and Zoom"

If you want to allow others to control your screen using these applications you may also need to go into "Accessibility" and set the same permissions there too.