Applying macOS Updates using Nudge

UW Oshkosh IT has deployed Nudge in order to encourage users to keep their macOS up-to-date. The following is an explanation of how Nudge works.

  1. After Apple releases an update for macOS 11 or greater, UW Oshkosh IT will implement a reasonable update compliance date after considering compatibility and security issues. Users of Macs that aren't up to compliance will be shown a reminder like the one below. 

  2. Upon clicking the "Update Now" button in this reminder, the user will be taken to the Software Update section of System Preferences where the user can begin the update process. Depending on the Mac's configuration, the user will be presented with one of the following screens.

The key point in any of these screens is do NOT click "Upgrade Now."

Clicking "Upgrade Now" will begin the process of upgrading the Mac to the latest whole-version macOS upgrade, which may not be desired at the given time and which may be quite impossible without admin privileges. Instead, click the "More info..." link below "Other updates are available" or "Another update is available" as shown below. (Please note: you may need to scroll down in order to see the “Another update…” link in certain versions of System Settings.)

3. Clicking that "More info..." link will bring up a list of pending Apple Software Updates (see below) that the user can then install by clicking "Install Now."

4. If the user wishes to defer the required update until a later time, they can do so by using the Defer pulldown menu in the bottom right of the reminder window. Choices of Later (about 30 minutes), One Hour, One Day, and Custom (selectable future day and time) are available and will be respected by the reminder process, provided that the imposed update date has not passed.

5. When the required update time and date has arrived, the reminder window will become very aggressive, making most activities difficult if not impossible. Please avoid getting to this point because even updating the macOS will be cumbersome. Click the Update Now button to launch System Preferences and apply the update to regain usability of the Mac. See below.