New UPD MDC Log-On Procedure

The new MDCs that will be in the squad cars are configured slightly different than the previous devices. The following instructions in the article are going to explain step-by-step how to log on properly when you first enter the squad car. Please see below for informational video on QMon, the replacement of APS Virtual Partner.


  1. Ensure that you have the proper MiFi device assigned to the squad car.

  2. Power on the MiFi and confirm that it is connected to the MDC. Please see below for what to look for when ensuring the MiFi has properly connected. Confirm you are not connected to Titan Wifi.

    1. Wifi MDC.png
    2. If this symbol is not shown, Please click to open up the available network options to locate the Mifi and connect by entering the password on the MiFi.

  3. You will now log in by entering your Full Uwosh Email Address (i.e. into the sign in box. Previously you would only have had to enter your NetID. Next, enter your password below and sign in.

  4. Once at the Windows Desktop, the next step is to sign into the VPN (Palo Alto GlobalProtect). You may be prompted by a pop-up window to sign into the VPN. If so, please do. If not, please locate the system tray in the bottom right and click on the GlobalProtect VPN symbol to connect. Please see below for example:

    1. VPN Tray.png
    2. Once connected you will see this:

  5. Now you are ready to launch PremierOne as well as TraCS and log-in to both.

QMon Instructional Video

If you are running into issues during this process, please submit a ticket to IT and detail which step you are held up at. Thank you!