Printer Locations (Students)

While some students may prefer to print from their personal devices (see: Wireless Pharos UniPrint and Pharos Print Center (Desktop and Mobile) for more information), we do want to share where every active student can print. The type of printing (color vs mono, paper type, type of print release, etc) may vary by location. Information about printer locations at UW Oshkosh Fox Cities and Fond du Lac campuses is forthcoming. Oshkosh campus printer information is below. 

Color Printers:

  • Polk 101 / Polk Reference

  • Student Technology Center - Polk 005

General Access Labs: 

  • Clow Lab - Clow C014

  • Halsey Lab - Halsey 101

  • Polk 101 / Polk Reference

  • Reeve Union Student Involvement Area - Reeve 102

  • Sage Lab - Sage 1208

  • Swart Lab - Swart 229

Departmental Labs (locations not provided as access may be limited to those in the department):

  • Advising

  • Athletic Training

  • Art

  • Career Services

  • Center for Academic Resources

  • College of Education and Human Services

  • College of Nursing

  • Computer Science

  • Geography

  • Global Languages and Cultures Media Center

  • Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Music

  • Sage Survey Lab

  • Student Support

  • Writing Center

Residence Halls:

Please inquire with the front desk about the nearest printer

Please refer to the following articles for additional information regarding student printing: 

See also: 

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If you are viewing this article while attending UW Oshkosh's Fox Cities or Fond du Lac campuses Pharos secure release stations are not currently in place.