Troubleshooting for Student Printing

There are a few questions we are going to ask:

  1. Are you connected to Titan WiFi? Wireless print queues will not work on off-campus housing, hot spots, Titan WiFi Guest, Eduroam or any other wireless network outside of Titan WiFi.

  2. Are you using the correct username? You should be using your NetID, the first part of your email before

  3. Do you have the most recent print packages? Those can be found on our Wireless Printing page. If you're not sure, install them as it will remove any old wireless print packages you have already installed.

  4. Do you have a non-native antivirus? 3rd party antivirus software like WebRoot and McAfee can interfere with the popup feature necessary to use the student wireless print packages.

If after you've answered all of those questions you are still unable to print, please feel free to contact IT who can troubleshoot with you further. 

First, did you get a new Titan ID card recently? 

If you received a new card, it may take up to 65 minutes for our system to recognize the new card number (HID iClass number). Additionally, if you lost your old card, got a new card, and then subsequently found the old card and tried to use that it also will not work. Only the MOST RECENTLY ISSUED card will work with our system. 

Second, did the card beep when you scanned it? 

If the card did not beep, there may be an issue with the card. Visiting Titan Central to have the card tested and replaced if necessary. 

If you are still having issues, please contact the IT Help Desk. They may request the HID iClass number from the back of your card. The number they are looking for is on the back of your TitanCard, above the magstripe, and after the asterisk. 

When printing, your print jobs go into a designated queue but there are multiple queues on campus. Not all students will have access to every queue and we organize our system so that not every printer will accept every queue. This error means that you printed something that could not printed at that particular printer. Try a general access printer. Check out Student Printing - Printer Locations for more information.