Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Managed print services (MPS) is a service contract that combines all service, preventative maintenance, repair parts, and toner supplied into a single cost per page (CPP) to reduce cost and improve service. The only supply that is not provided by MPS is the paper. UW Oshkosh Information Technology recommends that all new HP printers be enrolled in MPS. Existing printers may also be enrolled after an assessment of their age and condition.

How it works

Contact the Help Desk to have your printers assessed for addition to MPS. The older the printer, the higher the per page cost will be, but it is still likely to be cheaper than paying for your own toner and maintenance parts. Once you're enrolled you will be billed monthly by IT based on your page count. The page count is collected by our current vendor, HP, and they send IT a monthly report that we use to divide the cost between the different departments using the service. We also meet annually with HP to review their service performance and receive their recommendations on printers that should be replaced or reallocated based on the usage data they provide.

Benefits of Managed Print Services

  1. Average savings of 20% on toner and parts to maintain your printer

  2. Eliminates the need to purchase costly extended warranties

  3. For networked printers, replacement toner is shipped automatically as it determines you need it, so no need to store stacks of toner and no need to get rid of unused toner when you change printer model