Advanced Video Embed Options

Embed Settings button

To use Kaltura's Embed Settings, go to any Canvas Page, Assignment, Discussion, etc, which allows you to edit text.

  1. Click Edit or Reply to open the text editing view.

  2. In the new Rich Content Editor, click the asterisk-shaped My Media button (or click the electrical plug-shaped Apps icon > View All My Media)

  3. On the My Media page, scroll to the video you want and click the gear icon to the right of the title.

  4. Select the options you want, then click Embed


The Embed Settings screen offers the following options:

Choose Player

Embed the default video player; a "Download and Share Player" which exposes download, permalink, and social media sharing options to viewers; a "Simplified Player" with fewer features exposed; or a "Transcript Player" which provides an expanded view of captions during playback.

Audio-Only Player

For audio-only files, Kaltura automatically selects an audio-only player which takes up less screen space than the video player. Users can choose two sizes: 350x80 pixels or 600x80 pixels.

Max Embed Size

Choose a small (400x285 px), medium (608x402 px), or large (900x507 px) video player for your users.

Auto Play

Choose whether a video plays automatically on page load or not.

Start & End Time

Show users a selected clip of a larger video by setting the video to start and end playback at specific times. Note: users can still choose to play the entire video.

For more information, see: