Download Your Video from Kaltura My Media

Any video in "My Media" should be videos that you intend to use. If you have any old media that's no longer needed please delete them. However, you might want to keep a copy of the video for yourself. Or, you might want to download a copy of an active video for a backup in case some technical glitch was to happen. 

The following directions will work for the website (Mediaspace) "Media Space" and will also work for "My Media" within Canvas. You can use either service to add, remove or download videos.

Quick Video Download

Note: This technique is easy to do but may not download the highest possible quality version. Most of the time its not a problem the normal size video is good enough but if you need to highest video quality possible please skip this section and use the other download option below.

  1. Login to Canvas

  2. Select "Account > My Media"

  3. Select the title of the video you want to download

  4. Select the "download" icon located in the upper right of the video next to the "share" icon

High Quality Video Download

Activate the download button

  1. Login to Canvas

  2. Choose “Account > My Media” 

  3. Select the “Edit” button next to the clip you want to download (pencil icon)

  4. Choose the “Downloads” tab (Image: 1)

  5. Choose the “Original File" or "Source” checkbox under “Available Formats” (Image: 2)

  6. Choose “Save” button (Image: 3)

  7. Choose “Go To Media" (The Download tab will now show below your video) (Image: 4)

Download your clip to your computer

  1. Choose the “Download” tab under your video

  2. Choose the “Download icon” link from under the "actions" column.