Hot Spot Feature in Kaltura

Example 1: No Text for Old Buttons”

In this example there are four hotspots that link out to other videos that also live in Kaltura. Hotspots do not have to link to just video. You could link to any object on the internet you can get a URL for. You will not be able to click on the hotspots till you play the video.

When you click on the hotspot it opens a new window with the video you have linked to.

Note: No need to crank the sound. There ain't none.

Example 2: Animal Hause

This hotspot video example includes hotspots, audio and captions. I'm mostly seeing how captioning works around the hotspots. You can turn on the captions by clicking the CC button in the tool bar.

Example 3: All Work and All Play

In this movie there are 5 videos edited into one movie. You don't need to do this type of post processing work. As an example, you could have one long movie separated by a PowerPoint slides. If you were to let this movie play for 3 min without clicking anything each video would play one after the other. The first movie has the hotspots that end at the 3 min mark  (because the viewer cant see the index page anymore). Each section has a "back to index" button. 

This video does not have any language so no captions.

How is this different than the Kaltura "chapter" feature? Cuz all your doing is linking to different parts of the same video via timecode! umm well, let me get back to you on that ....