Recording a Video with Kaltura Capture

  1. From within Canvas click on Account(1) and then My Media(2)

  2. From My Media click the Add New(1) menu and select Kaltura Capture(2) from the drop-down menu

  3. If this is your first time using Kaltura Capture, you may need to download and install the app. Classroom computers will already have it installed, other university computers can install it via the Software Centers. For your personal computer, select the version (Windows or Mac) for your computer near the bottom on the page, download and run as you would any other application.

    1. **** After installing you will need to repeat the two steps above to properly launch the application.

  4. Check the box (1) to agree to the terms then click on Open Kaltura Capture (2) in the pop-up box to launch the application

  5. It may take a few seconds for the application to launch, after the loading screen, you will see the control panel. From here you can click the icons (1) for the Camera, Screen and Audio(mic) to toggle them on/off from appearing on the recording. If you have multiple cameras, screens, or microphones connected, you can select from the drop-down menus (2) for each source, which you'd like to use for the recording.

  6. When you're ready to start recording, click the Red record button (3) above, you'll get a 3 second countdown on the screen, and your recording will begin.

  7. Once your recording starts, a smaller panel will appear. You can click the Minimize Bar (4) to minimize the panel so it won't appear on the recording. Your other options are to Stop(1), Pause(2) and Cancel(3) your recording.

  8. When you're finished recording press the Stop (1) button on the panel and you'll get a pop-up confirmation that you want to stop recording. After confirming, you will be taken to the Naming and Uploading screen below.

  9. After stopping your recording, you'll be given the opportunity to give your video a Title(1) and optionally, a description and tag. After naming your video, press the Save & Upload (2) button to send your video to the MyMedia server.

  10. You will then see a progress bar (1) showing the upload progress of your video. When it reaches 100%, a pop-up notification should also briefly appear on your screen.

  11. Now, if you return to the My Media area in Canvas (Account > My Media) you should see your video(s). If you see a picture with a couple of gears, it is still "processing" and you won't be able to view it yet. When you see a still image of your video, its ready to work with. You may need to refresh the page occasionally to update.