Uploading Kaltura Capture Videos through Canvas

The first step to using Kaltura is to add some videos to your Kaltura My Media account. There are two ways to upload videos through Canvas:

A) My Media 
B) The rich text editor in any Page, Assignment, Discussion, etc.

Either way, the first steps look different, then the rest of the steps are the same:

A) Upload via My Media

  1. Use My Media to upload a video file to your Kaltura account. From Canvas, go to Account > My Media.  

B) Upload via Rich Text Editor

Go to any Canvas Page, Assignment, Discussion, etc, which allows you to edit text.

  1. Click Edit or Reply to open the text editing view.

  2. In the new Rich Content Editor, click the asterisk-shaped My Media button (or click the electrical plug-shaped Apps icon > View All My Media)

Then finish uploading your video

3. On the My Media page, go to Add New > Media Upload.

4.On the Upload Media page, click on Choose a file to upload, then browse your computer to select a video file.

Kaltura can process most major video file types and formats. Upload time will depend on bandwidth and file size.


5. Once your video has finished uploading, fill out the metadata for your video:

  • Name

  • Description

  • Tags

  • Publishing status 


6. Click Save.


Now your video is in Kaltura in Canvas! Use External Tools > My Media (from Part B, above) to embed your video in any Canvas Page, Assignment, Discussion, etc, which allows you to edit text.

See https://uwosh.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/IT/pages/2160525319 for a walkthrough with pictures on how to add the video to a discussion.