Editing Caption Label in Kaltura

Here is an example of the caption label for a machine-generated set of captions, in this case labeled "English (autocaption)."

A video owner or co-editor may have a variety of reasons to want to change the caption label. For example:

  • the video owner or co-editor may have edited machine-generated captions to improve their accuracy and would like to change the caption label from "English (autogenerated)" to "English (corrected)" or simply "English"

  • for machine-generated captions created before 12/01/21 which are labeled "English," the video owner or co-editor may wish to manually change the label to "English (autocaption)"

Changing the Caption Label

Here is how a video owner or co-editor can edit the captions label for a Kaltura video:

  1. Go to Kaltura's "My Media"

    1. In Canvas, go to Canvas > Account > My Media

    2. In Mediaspace, go to Guest > Login, then [Your Name] > My Media.

  2. On the My Media list, pick a video and then check the pencil-shaped Edit icon to the right of its title (or click the title then go to Actions > Edit). 

  3. On the edit entry screen, scroll to the row of tabs below the video. Select the Captions tab.

  4. In the Actions section on the right of the Captions menu, click the pencil-shaped Edit icon.

  5. This will open a menu allowing you to edit the metadata about the captions file, including the caption label. In the Label text box, enter the new text that you want to display.

    1. If you instead wanted to edit the content of the captions, see the https://uwoshdev.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/IT/pages/2159935542 guide.

  6. Click Save.

  7. To see the new captions label, refresh the My Media page, then play the video. Clicking the "CC" button will display the new captions label.