Issue Ad Hoc Alerts

This document explains ad hoc alerts. The linked document also includes information regarding the differences between ad hoc alerts and early alert progress reports.


What Is an Ad Hoc Alert

Alerts provide faculty and staff the ability to draw attention to a student(s) in need for various reasons.

Important:  Ad hoc alerts are different than issuing early alert progress reports.  The differences are outlined in the Navigate Alerts (pdf) linked below.

Who Can Issue Alerts

Alerts can be issued by faculty and staff that have access to Navigate.

Alert Training Materials

Please see the following training materials for how to use ad hoc alerts in more detail:

Navigate - Issue and View Alerts Video[streamerType]=auto&flashvars[localizationCode]=en&flashvars[leadWithHTML5]=true&flashvars[sideBarContainer.plugin]=true&flashvars[sideBarContainer.position]=left&flashvars[sideBarContainer.clickToClose]=true&flashvars[chapters.plugin]=true&flashvars[chapters.layout]=vertical&flashvars[chapters.thumbnailRotator]=false&flashvars[streamSelector.plugin]=true&flashvars[EmbedPlayer.SpinnerTarget]=videoHolder&flashvars[dualScreen.plugin]=true&flashvars[Kaltura.addCrossoriginToIframe]=true&&wid=1_5pgtifb0

Alerts (EAB Help Center)