This article explains how to add individual and mass tags to a student profile.

When are Tags Used

Tags are frequently used to create lists of students for issues that are not accounted for in other methods of grouping students (such as Advanced Search criteria or Categories).

Who Can Apply Tags

Tags are created by the Navigate Administrator. Access to apply tags are granted to specific staff based on their job duties.


Mass Tagging

Mass tagging can be used when you have a list of multiple students that need to be tagged with the same tag(s).

To apply mass tags you must have a list of student IDs

  1. Go to Administration (the gear icon in the Navigation).

  2. Select Mass Tagging by ID

    Mass Tag by ID.png
  3. The mass tag students box will open.

  4. Click to put your curser in the box under Tags (comma separated).

  5. Select the name of the tag from the links above for the specific tag you want to apply.

  6. The tag you selected should now be showing in the box under Tags (comma separated).

  7. Copy your ID numbers and paste them in the box under Student IDs (one per line) for the students you would like to apply this specific tag to. You must have the leading zeros in the ID numbers.

  8. Select Add Tags.

    Mass Tag.png
  9. It will give you a confirmation number of how many students the tag was applied to.

  10. It is recommend to check a few students to be sure it applied the tag.

Individual Tags

Individual tags can be added to a student profile.

  1. Navigate to the student profile.

  2. Be sure you are on the Overview tab of the student profile.

  3. Scroll down to the Tags section.

  4. Click in the down arrow to the right of Manage Tags (this will expand the tag section and show you the list of current tags).

If the tag you need to apply is not showing please contact the Navigate App Admin

  1. Select the tag(s) you would like to apply to the student profile you are viewing.

  2. Select Save Tags.