Import from your Master Course into your Instructional Course - Canvas


Importing Content

You should see your instructional course card on you dashboard.

  • Select the course you want to import content into

  • In your Course Navigation choose "Settings" 

  • On the right side panel choose "import course content" (depending on the width of your browser this button may appear at the bottom of your page)

  • Under the Import Content > Content type select the drop down and choose "Copy a Canvas Course"

  • Type the name of the Master Course you want to import from

  • Content:

    • Select the radio button for "all content" unless your only wanting to import specific types of content

  • Options: (optional)

    • If you would like to adjust the event and due dates to accommodate holidays select "Adjust events and due dates"

  • Choose the "Import" button

You will see a progress bar which will change from "Queued" > "Running" > "Completed"

Your content should now be imported into your instructional course. Please select your "Dashboard" and choose the instructional course to review the results of the import.