Submitting your Grades to TitanWeb from Canvas

Please be aware this process only transfers your grades to TitanWeb from Canvas. After this process you still need to login to TitanWeb to submit your final grades to the registrar.

There are three things you need to do before you can submit your grades to TitanWeb. 

  1. Make sure all assignments have grades

  2. Set a grading scheme.

  3. Remove the student test user from your current enrollment

Assignments Need Grades

Look in your grade book for any cell with a (-) or that have a regrading icon ( looks like a paper icon ). Make sure those have values. Canvas does not calculate ungraded assignments so the students will see an artificially inflated grade unless all assignments have a grade. 

Grading Scheme Setup

Before you can submit grades from Canvas to Titan Web you must add in a grading scheme for your course. 

  1. Login to Canvas using your NetID

  2. Select Settings from the course navigation

  3. Choose Course Details tab

  4. Choose the checkbox Enable course grading scheme

  5. Choose set grading scheme

  6. You will either need to create a grading scheme or choose one that already exists

    1. Use existing grading scheme

      1. Choose Select Another Scheme

      2. Choose the grading scheme that you want to use

      3. If one exists that matches your grading scheme choose Use this Grading Standard button

    2. Create your own grading scheme

      1. Choose manage grading schemes

      2. Choose + add grading scheme

      3. Give your grading scheme a name

      4. Assign your values making sure you use all grades available in PeopleSoft ( A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, F ) .
        If you have a pass / fail course ( P, F )

      5. Choose Save

      6. Go back to Settings > Enable Course Grading Scheme > Set grading scheme

      7. Choose your new grading scheme

      8. Select the Use this Grading Standard button

Remove the Canvas Test User

If you have used the Student View Canvas creates a test user in your grade book. This should be removed before submitting your grades.

  1. Select Settings > Sections tab

  2. Choose the Section tab

  3. Find the "Student, Test" under "Current Enrollments"

  4. Placing the cursor over the test student will show you a red X circle. 

  5. Click the red X button


This removes the test student. Do not do this with any other enrollment.

Submit to Titan Web

  1. Select Grades from you course navigation

  2. Choose Actions > Sync to Titan Web

  3. Then login to Titan Web and view your Grade Roster. This will take a few minutes for Titan Web to reflect the change.

Final Important Note (your grades are not yet officially submitted)!

This Canvas submission process does NOT officially submit your grades to the registrar. The previous steps only transfers your students grades from Canvas to TitanWeb. You still need to login to TitanWeb to confirm the grades and do the final submission to the registrar.