Cross-Listing or Combining Courses - Canvas

FERPA Considerations

When you cross-list (combine) multiple sections in Canvas, students have the ability to see information about other students in all sections that have been combined. Instructors who combine multiple sections should follow the instructions below in order to reduce potential FERPA concerns. Courses combined in TitanWeb come into Canvas already combined and do not present a FERPA concern. If courses are going to be combined out of convenience (rather than a pedagogical reason), you must:

Cross-Listing in Canvas

Combining course sites in Canvas is called cross-listing. This is useful if you teach several sections of the same course and only want to manage course data in one location.

NOTE: Canvas advises you to not do this with courses that are "published".  Cross-listing courses that have grades results in one of the courses grade books (the child course) disappearing.

Get the course ID of your main course

We only want to get the ID of your main course. We will do nothing else with your main course.

  • Open the course that contains your content

  • Write down the Course code contained in the URL of your course (6 digit code)


  • Open the course you want to cross-list into your main course

  • Choose "Settings" from the course navigation

  • Choose the "Sections" tab

  • Select the only section that appears in this list

  • Choose the "Cross-List this Section" button

  • Type in the 6 digit course ID of your main course in the ID dialogue box and hit your "enter" or "return" key on your keyboard

  • If the course title is correct select the "Cross-List this Section" button

Cross-Listing Directions Video

Limit users ability to interact only with their own section.

If you are cross-listing sections out of convenience please make sure to Limit users ability to interact with only their own section.